Your home. It’s not just where you live, it's where you build your life. It's where you create your memories, and where you plan for your future. The story of your life will be told through your home, and in that, your home is a part of your legacy. As a Team, we strive to honor your legacy with the service and commitment that we provide in helping you sell and/or purchase your home.

Selling a home is much more than just putting a sign in the ground. Buying a home is way more involved than perusing through stacks of bricks and sticks stuck together. Selling and buying is part of the life you design and live. My Team takes that very seriously. You, as our client, will experience how we will invest in understanding what you want and how we can help you get it. We'll take nothing for granted, and we will aim to provide you with an experience unlike any other.

From the moment we meet, the process begins. Selling or Buying is not just a life event or a transaction it really is a process. It requires planning, comparing, patience, negotiating and support. My team will take you through this process from start to finish using a variety of tools and resources. With The Miale Team by your side you will be able to comfortably make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

Standing behind our Core Values to Provide "Excellence, Experience, and Education," I have put together an award winning team with 60+ years of combined Real Estate Industry experience. We foster a learning based environment which allows us to consistently be on the cutting edge with the tools we use, and the technology we provide.

Your legacy deserves quality, attention to detail, respect and candor. We will provide that and much more allowing you to engage in the next chapter of your life, and your legacy.

Matthew Miale CEO/REALTOR® (860) 416-1815

Kori Gauvin-Eagle Associate Partner/REALTOR® (860) 620-7550

Cynthia Burke Associate Partner/REALTOR® (860) 808-4581

Bennett Forrest Sr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 977-3176

Devin Cichowski Jr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 712-9825

Nick Catalano Jr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 989-8937

Amanda Bethune Jr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 982-4911

Marsha Adell Jr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 578-4578

Brianna Gasiewski Jr. Associate/REALTOR® (860) 834-1900